Brian Reine Is A Proud Alumnus Of Louisiana State University

August 12, 2015
Brian Reine attended college at Louisiana State University and is a proud alumnus of that school. He obtained a Bachelor degree in construction management, despite already having an incredibly advanced education on the subject due to hands-on experience with construction management. Brian Reine grew up in a family where everyone worked in construction management and worked for his father's company from a relatively young age.

By the time Brian Reine was twenty-four, he was entrusted with the responsibility of developing a community called Laurel Hills in Memphis, Tennessee. This community was not only successfully developed, but the land would also be sold off in record time. This was not a surprise to anyone who knew Brian Reine. Later, Brian Reine's interest in construction management would lead to his discovery of the disaster management and recovery services industry, which intrigued him greatly. Today, Brian Reine serves as the CEO of Omni Pinnacle, which is a company that provides high quality disaster management and recovery services to communities through the Caribbean, the United States, and Puerto Rico.
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